Recently I have to reset my phone which led to the lost of some 2-factor authentication (2FA) accounts on the LastPass Authenticator app. One of thoese accounts belongs to Cloudflare. As a bonus, I did not save the backup/recovery codes! Now I’m completely locked out from my account without the 2FA.

I did some search and found out that I need to contact Cloudflare Support directly to request them to disable the 2FA function on my account.

There are 6 domains associated with my Cloudflare account. They have requested my to put a txt file on all of them under the directory called .well-knwon/. The final result should look like and there should be a unique string inside the file.

After trying ot add .well-known directory to the site, I realized that Jekyll does not recognize the directories starting with .. This post, then, suggest that we add a line to the _config.yml file and Jekyll should process such direcory.

In the _config.yml

include: [".well-known"]

and that’s it! After a few git commits and pushes and an email to the support team, I’ve regained access to my Cloudflare account. :-)

Lesson learned

  • Keep the recovery code!