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  • English name (first, last): Pargorn Puttapirat
  • Thai name / ชื่อภาษาไทย: ภากร พุทธาภิรัตน์
  • Offical Chinese name (for patent registration): 帕戈姆·普塔皮拉特
  • Chinese name: (redacted)


Degree Program

Non-Degree Program

  • 2014 : Exchange Student at Juniata College, USA to study Liberal Arts (Scholarship funded by Srinakharinwirot University)


  • 2016 : University of Fukui and Srinakharinwirot University Internship Program 2016, Japan (Scholarship funded by the Faculty of Engineering, Srinakharinwirot University)
    • Computer vision laboratory
  • 2015 : Internship at Sodexo Healthcare Support Service (Thailand) in Samitivej Srinakharin Hospital
    • Medical equipment department

Research Interests

Medical and general image processing, histopathological image analysis, genotype-phenotype association, cancer biology, application of artificial intelligence, and computer vision


  • OpenHI (2018 - present) OpenHI is Open Histopathological Image. It is a web-based framework that allows precise, semantically meaningful, online, and collaborative annotation of large-scale histology images in whole slide format. See more at GitLab
  • Malaria Finder - (2015 - 2016) Specialized application developed for researcher in anti-malarial drug development for drug susceptibility test. Contribution in erythrocytes segmentation algorithm which be able to segment abnormal erythrocytes such as touching and highly overlapping erythrocytes.
  • Navigation Guidance System for Visually Impaired People - (Early 2016) Working prototype to scan the area in front of the individual and project realtime stream of information on their back via vibrant array, controlled by micro-computer.

Language Skills

  • Native Thai
  • Fluent English
  • Beginner Chinese


  • Programming languages: Python, MATLAB, Swift, C++, Javascript
  • Libraries & Frameworks: Jupyter Notebook, OpenCV, Sci-kit Image, Flask, Git, Raspberry Pi Interfacing


  • Gao, Z., Puttapirat, P., Shi, J., & Li, C. (2020). Renal Cell Carcinoma Detection and Subtyping with Minimal Point-Based Annotation in Whole-Slide Images. In A. L. Martel, P. Abolmaesumi, D. Stoyanov, D. Mateus, M. A. Zuluaga, S. K. Zhou, D. Racoceanu, & L. Joskowicz (Eds.), Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020 (pp. 439–448). Springer International Publishing.
  • Dong, Y., Puttapirat, P., Deng, J., Zhang, X., & Li, C. (2020). LibMI: An Open Source Library for Efficient Histopathological Image Processing. Journal of Pathology Informatics, 11, 26.
  • Puttapirat, P., Li, C., Zhang, H., Deng, J., Dong, Y., Shi, J., He, H., Gao, Z., Wang, C., & Zhang, X. (2019). OpenHI2—Open source histopathological image platform. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2696–2701.
  • Wang, C., Yang, Z., Wang, K., Puttapirat, P., Li, C., & Zhang, G. (2019). Comparing digital histology slides with multiple staining based on decoloring and dyeing technique. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2709–2714.
  • Puttapirat, P., Zhang, H., Deng, J., Dong, Y., Shi, J., Lou, P., … Li, C. (2019). OpenHI: Open platform for histopathological image annotation. International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, 22(4), 328–349.
  • Puttapirat, P., Zhang, H., Lian, Y., Wang, C., Zhang, X., Yao, L., & Li, C. (2018). OpenHI - An open source framework for annotating histopathological image. In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) (pp. 1076–1082). Madrid, Spain: IEEE.
  • Li, K., Puttapirat, P., Liu, Y., Jiang, W., Imran, A., Lysa Marlyne, M.-K., … Zhang, Y. (2018). Phase controlled six-wave mixing parametrical amplification to yield correlated light beams. Laser Physics, 28(7), 075403.
  • Puttapirat, P., & Charoenpong, T. (2017). Hand posture estimation from 2D image sequence by hand landmark identification. In 2017 9th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology: Crunching Information of Everything, KST 2017.
  • Puttapirat, P., Phothisonothai, M., & Tantisatirapong, S. (2016). Automated segmentation of erythrocytes from Giemsa-stained thin blood films. In 2016 8th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology, KST 2016.


  • 2018 : TCCLS Student Travel Awards
  • 2018 : Xi’an Jiaotong University Third prize for the study in academic year 2017-2018