Here are principles I follow for communicating with other people.

Table of contents

Call for emergencies

  • IF
    • If I’m in Thailand, call the Thai number.
    • If I’m abraod, call the number abroad.
    • If you can’t call the number abroad, call Thai number.
  • If you can’t reach me, please leave a message for faster response.

Response time

If I did not response in 24 hours, the message is probably got lost on the way. “Read” status from embeded email links and instant messengers does not count as “received”.

Non-emergency communications have the same response time. So, you’re likely to get fast reponse if you email me as well as sending messages via instant messaging.

Communication channels

These days, everyone has more than one way to contact them. I also have several ways. Basically, you can contact via many tools. But, here are the preferred ways.

Preferred contacting channel

  • Email - any email addresses would do because I check all of them all the time!
  • Telegram - preferred instanct messaging channel.

Unpreferred ways

  • WeChat - Here are why:
    • There are no WeChat for Linux!
    • Syncing WeChat on mobile and laptop is a mess!
    • We loose messages all the time, jumping from devices.
    • Files and photos expire all the time!
  • LINE - Here are why:
    • Files and photos expire all the time!
    • “Read” status obstruct people from reading messages without causing other problems, and there are no turing this functionality off!
  • Facebook Messenger
    • Somehow, FB Messenger does not always work through VPN in China.